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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    Questions about C2B Platform

    What type of construction can I use this solution in?

    Our technology is meant to be used in any type of project when you are already working with BIM models.

    We are working with companies focus on:
    -Building Construction: Residential, Commercial, Public constructions, Sport Facilities.
    -Civil works: Infrastructure and Transportation.
    -Industrial plants: Energy plants (oil & gas), water plants.

    Do I need special devices to capture the data from my construction site?

    What type of file format is required to work with the C2B Platform?

    Our solution is fed with 3D mapping/scanning of your construction. You can choose from a wide range of reality capture options based on your requirements (Laser Scanning, LiDAR, photogrammetry, iPhone/iPad Pro).

    C2B Platform works with open format point clouds (e52, ply, las, laz, among others) that you can generate or export using the most common brands and devices in ther market. Post-processing of the point cloud is not necessary. C2B Platform processes and rejects “point cloud noise” automatically.

    How many people from CHECKTOBUILD must be moved to the construction site for each operation?

    None. C2B Platform is an automated and auto-scalable solution that works online. The solution can be fully operated by the user.

    When requested by the final user we also provide an “integrated service ” including 3D data capture, analysis and reporting as a package. Under this situation our team will visit your construction projects on a weekly basis to capture all the data.

    Do I need to download or install C2B Platform on my computer? Any special training requested?

    C2B Platform is a web-based service. We have worked with construction companies all around the world to create an efficient workflow with the most user-friendly experience.

    As a new user of C2B Platform you can be ready to get the most of it in 1h.


    What type of BIM formats can I use with C2B Platform? How can it be integrated?

    You can currently work with BIM models in IFC and RVT formats.
    Most of the current BIM design solutions in the market are capable of exporting their models as an IFC file. Therefore CHECKTOBUILD is capable of working transversally on BIM projects developed on any platform, without the need for any specific integration.

    Questions about C2B VIEWER

    Is C2B Viewer free?

    You have the right to request the deletion of Personal Data collected about you. Our Service may provide the means to delete specific information directly. Alternatively, you can contact us to request access, correction, or deletion of personal information you’ve provided. Please note that certain information may need to be retained for legal or legitimate reasons.

    What formats does C2B Viewer support?

    C2B Viewer supports a variety of 3D model formats such as IFC, point clouds such as PLY, E57, XYZ and 2D files such as DWG and DXF drawings.

    Is there an upload limit per file and on the point cloud?

    Yes, there is a file upload limit for your free version. It is only possible to upload a total of 10 GB, 3 files and a maximum of 2 shared files. This limit is not recoverable. However, in the paid option there are no file capacity limits and you have the ability to share files without limits.

    How can I share 3D models with other users in C2B Viewer?

    3D models can be shared when clicking on the file options (…), taking into account that you must be registered in advance.

    Which properties of the BIM models I uploaded to C2B Viewer can I view in the tool?

    It is possible to view the properties of the IFC elements by simply double clicking on the element to be reviewed, a new information panel opens in a few seconds. There you can see the Item properties for all the files, and you can also see Propriety Sets and Quantity Sets, as each element has its own.

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