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Compare automatically the reality of your construction with the BIM Model and get an accurate as-built analysis.

Keep the technical control of your work automatically and in minutes. An efficient inspection service for BIM projects with the required accuracy of your business
Don’t waste your time on measurements and post-processing.

Service in the cloud without additional training. Ready to make decisions and avoid delays. Do you want to take the control?



Inspect the quality of your foundation and confirm the alignment of piers and footings



Verify the geometry of the entire structure in an automated way and identify critical deviations for your project



Applies a new control and monitoring to the installation of ducts and pipes



Supervise the execution of enclosures autonomously and complete your work on time and on budget


Inspect the quality of your foundation and confirm the alignment of piers and footings.


Verify automatically the geometry of the entire structure and identify critical deviations for your project.


Set a new control and monitor the installation of ducts and pipes.


Supervise the execution of enclosures autonomously and complete your work on time and on budget.

We don’t say it.
The figures do it!

Economy and sustainability must go hand in hand. You deserve to save 70% in time and cost of supervision and certification. The environment deserves that you save 30% on material waste. Our clients already know it. It’s your opportunity to take advantage.


Total euros saved to our customers


Tons of material waste saved

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C2B Platform

Technology designed for you and oriented to the efficiency of your next project.

Checktobuild is a startup that provides an automated inspection service for construction and engineering projects.
Our web platform C2B is based on BIM models and Artificial Intelligence and saves up to 30% in cost, time, and waste of materials in your inspection tasks, improving the environmental impact of your project.

Comparison – Quality Control – Communication:  We verify the execution quality of your work by comparing a point cloud of your construction site with the planned 3D model. Our technology detects early deviations and achieves an accurate, reliable, and easy-to-share result. This way we can assure the quality, deadlines, and costs of your project.

Intelligent supervision that eliminates the nightmares caused by delays and cost overruns and the best way to apply digital and sustainable construction work.



«We believe that it is essential to look for different and innovative approaches to the usual problems.

The construction sector has traditionally shown great reluctance to change and innovation.

Only through these new approaches will we be able to find new and efficient solutions to them that allow us to improve project management.”

Francisco Ordóñez | CEO, Acerta.



FCC Construcción

“Checktobuild provides a key tool in the digital transformation of construction.

Its automation technology improves, speeds up, and brings accuracy to some tasks that have historically been slow and expensive”

Óscar Liébana |Project Coordinator of FCC Construcción



“Construction has been one of the most traditional sectors and new digital technologies have not impacted as much as they can in its productivity.

AC-HUB confirms that CHECKTOBUILD enhances and simplifies the inspection of the work through an autonomous and innovative service. Its technology has a positive impact in key areas like quality control, work productivity, safety, health and documentation management, and information.

Álvaro Cabreja | Civil Engineer Director of AC-HUB.

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If you have the option to optimize your project, why don’t you take it now?

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Who said it would be easy?

Overcoming the challenge is the best reward. Learn about the growth and advances of C2B.


Checktobuild, a winning startup!

The effort has been rewarded by those who have seen the value we can offer to the AEC Sector.

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