Digital tracking to assure project delivery

Automated QC and progress analysis at your service

Ensure your work is delivered in quality and time

Building project (7000 sqft) – QC and progress tracking for structures and enclosures in main level.

1 scan

Amount of reality captures


Inspected elements whithin 7000 sqft

27 min

Time to results (Quality and progress tracking)

Quality 3x

Progress Tracking 4.5x

Increased Productivity (vs regular procedure)

Verity that GC’s are progressing as planned (milestones and turnover dates)

Trustful source supporting the payment of quantities accomplished

As-Built Models up to date, leverage your BIM in whole the life cycle of your asset

Track production effectively and manage the critical path to stay ahead of schedule

Continuously monitor production with an automated workflow leveraging BIM and 3D Capture technologies to ensure progress aligns with project timelines. You can streamline the tracking process, swiftly identifying any deviations from the critical path. This proactive approach allows for timely adjustments, keeping your project on track and minimizing delay.

Streamlined validation for your As-built model

Detect any discrepancies, pinpoint their location, and determine whether immediate attention is required. Utilizing BIM versus Point Cloud comparisons expedites quality control reporting, effectively reducing reworks and delays. Keep your schedule on the correct track.

Digitization keeps Construction and Project Management always up to date

Assure top performance and guarantee project success in terms of quality and schedule. Our technology and services lead to streamlined processes and efficient reporting, reducing turnaround time from days to mere minutes.
Keep Construction and Project Management up to date and avoid delays in releasing your assets to the market.