Digital construction

Reducing risk and uncertainty on project delivery

Service (SaaS included)

SaaS Digital automation for QC, progress and quantities

Account Manager dedicated to your projects.

Reality Capture service. Your construction site captured applying 360-degree photography, 3D laser scanning, UAV services (1 to 4 times per month).

BIM management for monthly As-built update (based on real construction)

Scan-to-BIM / BIM modeling (upon request)

Upon quotation

Validate both quality and progress by confirming the work and production quantities completed by your team and subcontractors. Our team will deploy 3D scanning services tailored to your specific needs so you can ensure that your BIM model remains up-to-date with the latest as-built information. By seamlessly integrating these services into your workflow, you can effectively track project status. This not only streamlines the validation process but also enhances overall project transparency and accountability.

Work site reality capture

Measure the work done

By your team and subcontractors

Team Member

Quick Project Set up (2 hours)

Really Capture manager by your team

Automated Construction Analysis

Monthly BIM update (As-Built)

We capture your reality

Our team gets your construction site scanned, focusing on your areas of interest. Scan frequency ranges from 2 to 4 times monthly.

Quick Project Setup

Create your project within the C2B platform and seamlessly integrate your BIM models, encompassing structure, architecture, and MEP.

Unified analysis for QC and Monitoring

Automated QC, progress monitoring, and quantities reports when needed. As frequent as your on-site scans.

Progress Insights

Tailor your reports and access instant insights. Export data in BCF and CSV formats, facilitating integration with other BIM/VDC solutions.

From BIM to As-built

We keep your models up-to date based on the changes applied during construction.