Time to take

4 hours time redution figure

From when the manager went to site to take the point cloud until available results

Costs saved

Cost saving figure

Estimated cost savings of rework to correct all 1100 modules, including crane cost, crane operator and 2 installers per h in case all were deviated. $284 per module

Increase in

87.5% productivity increase graph

Estimated percentage of savings in carrying out the inspection

About the project

Location: Madrid, Spain.
Industry: Office building

Work phase: Above Ground – Structure
Data capture method: iPad Pro (3D Scanner App)

Size: 232737.27 ft2
Project value: $16.5M

The problem

When using prefabricated modules for construction, an innovative building designs may represent cost overruns if the prefabricated modules are not correctly placed. In this specific project, adaptation of curved geometry to the model represented a constant concern for the owner, besides verticality of the modules throughout all the facade.

Visor 3d con modelo BIM y Nube de puntos

Operation process & scope

To address the client concerns and avoid unforeseen budget expenses the executed inspectión required multiple captures of the facade to check all the curtain wall. The site-manager seeked to:

1. Execute the inspection with models from an alternative data capture application to define if it offers best results for processing with CHECKTOBUILD
2. Upload models (BIM & POINT CLOUD) to execute inspection from an iPad
3. After having results, activate the heat map on the point cloud to highlight the deviated or missing elements
4. Share the inspection to the stakeholders


As the most suitable data capture technique for the client was through applications on an iPad, the inspection was processed with more than one point cloud against the BIM model, it showed:

  • All modules are properly aligned, reaching a 92% in tolerance within the model
  • In red color can be seen the skirting-boards that have not yet been installed and a mesh present in the cloud that does not match the model
  • Complete facade, 110ft2, adapted smoothly to the curve geometry of the building
point clud heat map of ditsnce
point clud heat map of ditsnce


By doing the inspection the manager discovered that the alignment of the prefabricated modules was correctly installed. Whatsmore, the results allowed us to notice the missing elements that were part of the final finishes of the curtain wall, which means that although the modules are located in the right angle and position, the progress of the element is not 100% complete.

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point clud heat map of ditsnce


Correct leveling of elements in the construction process requires many hours of work by highly qualified personnel, representing a high cost of multiple revisions, before and after finding any deviation.

Stairs 3D model and point cloud


Errors when pouring concrete in the structural phase of a project can represent high rework costs that can be prevented with the use of technological tools.


Pipe installation requires a post review to verify proper placement. To guarantee the precise level of these elements, will represent the fluid performance of the entire aqueduct and sewage system.