Stick to the plan!

On-time, on-budget project delivery

Service (SaaS included)

SaaS Digital automation for QC, progress and quantities

Integrated Construction Control (included)

Dedicated Construction Project Manager off-site.

Schedule & Budget management during project lifecycle.

Project Management reporting.

Upon quotation

Consistent and ongoing capture of as-built data ensures that Project Management remains up-to-date with the latest developments on-site. This practice not only facilitates timely decision-making but also enhances productivity and collaboration between Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) teams and Field Operations. Teams can effectively coordinate efforts with the project status updates, and ensure that progress remains on schedule, ultimately contributing to the successful execution of the project.


Digital construction

To keep your project in quality & schedule


Member of the team

Quick Project Set up (2 hours)

Really Capture manager by your team

Automated Construction Analysis

Monthly BIM update (As-Built)

PM: Budget & schedule up to date

Data Collection

Our team consistently gathers construction site data, generally 2 to 4 times per month, using 3D and 360 capture.

Project Management Validation

We ensure comprehensive documentation of your site to stay informed about progress and work-in-place. All this data is connected with your schedule to mitigate risk at your project.

Keep your project “on track”

Leverage visual BIM execution reports to detect and solve schedule discrepancies early on and automate progress and quantities.

Digital construction icon

Accelerate your quality control

Comparing BIM objects with as-built point clouds you speed up tolerance and flatness analysis from days to minutes.

Customized Reports

Craft reports aimed at aiding decision-making regarding construction progress’s impact on schedule and budget. These reports encompass essential KPIs, including Earned Value (EV) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI).

Continuous As-built

Keep your BIM models up-to date leveraging reality capture precision.