Time to take

4 hours time redution figure

From when the manager went to site to take the point cloud until available results


Cost saving figure

Lack of payment for not
accomplishing tolerances

Time saved

time save graph

 Estimated after subtract spent hours on the same inspection with traditional methods

About the project

Location: Madrid, Spain.
Industry: Office building

Work phase: Above Ground – Structure
Data capture method: iPad Pro (Sitescape)

Size: 232737.27 ft2
Project value: $16.5M

The problem

Correct leveling of elements in the construction process requires many hours of work by highly
qualified personnel, representing a high cost of multiple revisions, before and after finding any

Following the construction of this structure, the client observed an area where water didn’t flow as intended. Recognizing the safety implications, it became imperative to assess whether there were any floor deformations beyond the structural joints

3D viewer with point cloud and BIM modell

Operation process & scope

The inspection was executed by the site-manager with point clouds taken by the client with a LIDAR camera, improving in the use of data capturing techniques through a more affordable hardware compatible with C2B Platform. Only one tool was required to:

1.  Implement the use of different data capture techniques to prove C2B Platform versatility
2. Upload models (BIM & POINT CLOUD) to execute inspection from an iPad
3. After having results, zoom in the deviated element and activate the heat map on the point cloud to highlight the level difference
4. Making decision to solve the leveling and share the inspection to the involved stakeholders in record time


Upon quick inspection through the C2B PLATFORM it was clear that there was a discrepancy in several areas. But the most critical deviation was observed in the flatness of the floor:

  • An area of 30ft2 is uneven and causes accumulation of water
  • The deviated area has only 54% inside planned tolerance
  • The responsible obtained results 90% faster to make decisions
Floor 3D model and point cloud
Structural element 3D model and point cloud
Uneven structural element heat map


The client was in the early stages of implementing new inspection techniques, therefore, a tradicional topography inspection was requested as well to compare the accuracy of the results obtained by C2B Platform. Since the result provided by the surveyor took so long, the response time was delayed and the error could not be mitigated until a week later (Although C2B got the results 4 days earlier). Negatively impacting payment terms.

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point clud heat map of ditsnce


 When using prefabricated modules for construction the Innovative building designs may represent cost overruns if the prefabricated modules are not correctly placed.

Stairs 3D model and point cloud


Errors when pouring concrete in the structural phase of a project can represent high rework costs that can be prevented with the use of technological tools.


Pipe installation requires a post review to verify proper placement. To guarantee the precise level of these elements, will represent the fluid performance of the entire aqueduct and sewage system.