Minimize uncertainty at the construction site

Verify job accomplished on the spot as General Contractor

Ensure your work is delivered in quality and time

Building project (7000 sqft) – QC and progress tracking for structures and enclosures in main level.

1 scan

Amount of reality captures


Inspected elements whithin 7000 sqft

27 min

Time to results (Quality and progress tracking)

Quality 3x

Progress Tracking 4.5x

Increased Productivity (vs regular procedure)

Quality without reworks, identify misplacement before impacting your schedule

Production tracked on the spot – From your team and subcontractors

Boosted productivity – Bridge the gap between VDC and Field operations

Automation for progress and production quantities in your construction

Our patented workflow stands as a cornerstone, accelerating and automating construction monitoring. CHECKTOBUILD technology leverages the power of BIM and Reality Capture, facilitating comparisons between actual work completed by your team and subcontractors. Stay updated with real-time information on progress and quantities, all available within minutes

Assure quality and performance at once

Ensure the accuracy of your as-built data instantly without compromising performance standards. Through regular mapping and comparisons of your construction progress, transform your workflow into an efficient process, accelerating reporting in quality control and reducing reworks and cost overruns. Boost on-site productivity for both VDC and Field Operations and stay focused on decision-making.

Peak performance in Construction Management and Design-Build

Deliver the best performance and guarantee project success in terms of quality and schedule. Our technology optimizes your processes and accelerates reporting, reducing turnaround time from days to mere minutes. Choose the approach that best suits your company, whether it’s through SaaS solutions, Integrated Construction Control or Digital Project Management.