Frequently Asked Questions and Answers



Is this solution suitable for construction in interior areas or areas not visible to the open sky?


Generally, CHECKTOBUILD specialized inspection service with photos could only work outdoors. Visible areas in the open sky. Indoors, accurate 3D models cannot be made with cameras. 

However, indoors, CHECKTOBUILD is able, using the raw files generated by Laser Scan, to perform the same automatic inspection service without post-processing. Producing in the same way information ready to make decisions.


How many people from CHECKTOBUILD must be moved to the construction site for each operation?


CHECKTOBUILD is an automatic inspection software that operates online and remotely.


What would I need to download to use CHECKTOBUILD as my inspection service?


CHECKTOBUILD is a web access service, focused on not requiring user training or downloads for its users.


Are special cameras needed to work with CHECKTOBUILD? Does CHECKTOBUILD provide them as part of their service?

DO NOT, The cameras required to operate the CHECKTOBUILD service are commercial cameras between 15 and 20 Mpx. No additional requirement is necessary. These cameras can go on cranes or drones, depending on the project in question.

CHECKTOBUILD does not provide hardware. The client can make use of their own drones and/or cameras if they own them. Otherwise, CHECKTOBUILD will connect the customer with the right hardware vendor for the job.


What BIM platforms can the CHECKTOBUILD service work with? How can it be integrated?

CHECKTOBUILD works with BIM models in IFC format. 

Any BIM platform is capable of exporting its model in IFC format, so CHECKTOBUILD is capable of working transversally on BIM projects developed on any platform, without the need for specific integration.

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