AUTODESK,which has 3 softwares such as Revit, Autocad and Recap pro, is a long-standing company dedicated to 2D and 3D design software for the manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, media and entertainment, and wireless data industries. This company has always been committed to creating diverse software to solve the multiple processes presented in construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, and other projects.


In this opportunity, we will talk about three of their Autodesk software dedicated to 3D modeling, such as Revit, Autocad, and, on the other hand, Recap pro, which is focused on capturing high-quality detailed models of real objects. We will also explain their uses, benefits, comparisons, and how can their current results be fully exploited by developing a new SaaS platform that creates comparisons between the reality in point clouds and 3D construction models through AI processes. If you want to learn about this point in more detail, tap here…


To do this, we will start by talking about the AUTODESK Revit software.

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What is Revit?

Autodesk Revit is the world’s most widely used BIM software. It is construction software that features an interactive 3D environment used by architects, engineers, contractors, and builders to design the construction of buildings or other structures.

Dashboard Revit – Autodesk

The software allows users to easily create 3D models from scratch that can be viewed from any angle and provides a comprehensive view of the changes that will take place when constructing a building or other structure. In other words, you can visualize and review the building in 3D and build it virtually based on families (objects) of walls, windows, doors, of different materials. It is possible to store all this information thanks to its relational database that coordinates the information during the whole process.

The interesting thing today is that Revit offers results that we obtain thanks to its BIM environment, and its 3D models can be compared with the real model generated by Recap pro. All of this is due to the development of a web software called C2B platform that integrates both models to give results of deviations and progress of the construction work by taking full control of it, but we will discuss this later.

What are the advantages of Revit?

This software can save you time, energy, and effort by including the design of a building in a single file.  

In addition, with Revit, you can create collaboration with the disciplines and with all the agents involved in the construction projects. You will always have the latest version available so that several professionals can be on the same file simultaneously. 

Thanks to its 3D simulation viewer, you can visualize the whole work more realistically and get a more realistic view of the project, its final achievement.

Why use Revit? 

Whether you’re using BIM in Revit or CAD software that integrates with Revit, you can use Revit to store and synchronize model-based data across teams. Having this data at your fingertips, you can connect cross-functional workflows and improve the pace of the design cycle.

What is AutoCAD?

If you’re an architect or construction worker, you’ve probably heard of AutoCAD. This program works on a dynamic engineering model, combining design and production drawing. As a result, it is possible to make changes at any point in the design process, thus reducing the likelihood of error. Hence, there is always room for improvement when using a digital design. 

Dashboard Autocad – Autodesk

 The main feature of AutoCAD is its ability to help you draw and plan architectural spaces. You can use the tool with other design tools and animation software to create more complex shapes. The user-friendly interface of this program makes it an ideal choice for any architect, from simple sketching to the most complex designs. Even those new to AutoCAD can make professional and accurate designs with this software.  


What is AutoCAD for?

Architects and engineers use AutoCAD to draw and note 2D geometry and 3D models with mesh objects, solids, and surfaces. 

You can automate diverse tasks such as creating planning tables, comparing designs, adding blocks, counting objects, and more. 

You can customize your workspace to maximize your productivity with add-on applications and APIs as well. 


What are the differences between Revit and AutoCAD?

The main differences between Revit and AutoCAD are:

  • Revit has a 3D modeling CAD approach, while AutoCAD has a geometric CAD approach.
  • Revit is focused on building design industries, while AutoCAD covers many industry functions. 
  • Revit provides you with building data for your models, while AutoCAD provides you with data based on your design objects.
  • Revit is better for modeling and getting cost estimates, while AutoCAD is considered better for 2D drawing.
  • Revit’s platform is more rigid, while AutoCAD is more flexible to use.
  • Revit is only available on Windows operating systems, while the AutoCAD platform is available on both Windows and Mac computers, as well as mobile devices. 
  • Revit makes project modification easy, while AutoCAD is more difficult and time-consuming for such processes.

What is ReCap Pro?

ReCap Pro is software that helps designers and engineers in capturing high-quality, detailed models of real objects. It also provides a CAD-like functionality for 3D models making it easy to capture, model, and share 3D data in a way that saves time and effort.

Recap pro software blog checktobuild

Dashboard ReCap pro – Autodesk

ReCap Pro has been used by companies such as NASA to create complex designs for space exploration projects. It has been used by architects to design buildings and different types of structures, and it has also been used by product development companies.

Why use ReCap Pro?

With Recap pro, you can reduce errors and create confidently by giving essential information that will help you make better decisions.

Recap pro is digital model-based workflow software that works with accurate and complete models. It captures existing conditions throughout the project lifecycle. 

By integrating with design tools, you can easily streamline workflows thanks to supporting BIM processes.

The best of all is that the results offered by Revit and Recap pro can take you a step forward in obtaining very new and interesting data by simply uploading them to an innovative web platform that helps to obtain various results thanks to its artificial intelligence; including deviations with high accuracy and progress reports, thus taking a real, easy and planned control of your projects achieved by the integration of this 3D BIM model and its comparison with the model of reality. This C2B platform will give a unique value in the project and site inspections. 

We ask ourselves…

How can we automatically compare the BIM models provided by Revit with the real models of Recap pro to obtain unique and accurate results of deviations?

This technology used to make a comparison with very new results between the BIM models provided by Revit along with the real model generated by Recap pro is now possible thanks to a group of computer engineers from the company CHECKTOBUILD who have developed a tool under Artificial Intelligence (AI) procedures that makes these results possible.

Recap pro software blog checktobuild

Dashboard C2B platform – Checktobuild 

Which tool is it?

The tool is named C2B Platform. This invention aims to provide control by verifying geometric and volumetric quality of a rough construction site with an accuracy of 1cm or more. The tool can detect and report all deviations between the point cloud and the BIM model, with the security of a patented process.


CHECKTOBUILD’s C2B Platform offers all these results integrated with a 3D viewer where you can see and experience its functionalities easily and intuitively. Both models and how they interact with each other can be observed, offering a comprehensive report of deviations and progress. In addition, you can also download these reports in PDF so you can share them with the rest of your team.

There is no doubt that the C2B platform becomes the perfect partner to get the most out of the results offered by these three AUTODESK tools and go a step further in changing the processes in your construction projects. 

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