Turn your scanner, drone, or Ipad into an inspection tool for the construction site based on point clouds and BIM models. An innovative service for geometric control of construction and engineering with quick and reliable results.

Apply the formula Reality Capture + BIM + AI in your next project.

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100% Flexible
Choose which 
Reality Capture technique suits better with your needs and, we process your data.

Topógrafo con casco y iPad en mano

Photogrammetry from Drone or Crane, 3D laser scanner, Lídar, or an Ipad Pro.

Identify the most efficient method for data captures, upload the point cloud to our platform and compare the execution of the work with a BIM model. Easy and accurate! 

Visor 3d con modelo BIM y Nube de puntos

Each inspection with our Artificial Intelligence algorithm automates the alignment process and processes both 3D models until a precise identification of their similarity is achieved.

The display of both models superimposed allows you to expand the analysis and make decisions instantly.

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An automated and accurate inspection process.