Forget about delays thanks to Checktobuild, the supervision technology that unites precision, speed, and reliability for automatic construction monitoring in record time.

Easy inspections with your own mobile and without additional training.
Download the reports, make decisions and take action.

icono de iPad con conexión a internet

Intuitive and accurate construction inspection from your iPad.

Project Manager en Constructora sujetando un iPad

An opportunity to carry out your supervision and quality control duties in a  simple and really effective way.

You accomplish all the processes from your own iPad Pro and have objective and precise results of the structural quality of your work in minutes/hours.

Gerente de proyecto de edad media con casco sujetando computador portátil

Each inspection allows you to identify deviations early to stay true to your planning (execution quality, costs, and time).

Get reliable results in less time for objective decision-making. Being in control of your project has never been so easy!

Grafica de 30 porciento de ahorro en tiempo

30%, your savings in costs, time, and resources.