Construction supervision and quality control that suits any industrial project. In this manner, you can focus on being more efficient and enhance your processes.

A positive impact on you, on your project, and the environment

The construction of your next logistics center, warehouse, and water or energy plant requires faultless technical control. Our experience in a construction site can provide you with added value and specific tools to guarantee these critical points.

Technical quality control

digital and automated

Proven accuracy

for the placement of your installations, ducts and pipes

A unique-point info tool easy to share

Monitoring and identifying early deviations in structures. 

Detect as soon as possible that displaced wall or misplacement in the installed pipes.

3D and downloadable report with objective and reliable data

Capture every single detail of your plant or industrial warehouse using the point cloud technique that better suits your needs. Compare it with the BIM model through the C2B platform and get a fully detailed quality report. Review the info and take decisions remotely and without delays.