Your BIM infrastructure project acquires a new operational value focus on work execution and maintenance. The structural quality that you need without deviating in costs or deadlines.

From bridges to airports, going through land transportation infrastructure and dams: We deliver an accurate result no matter what your project is. Each supervision generates operational savings of up to 30% (cost, time and resources).

Flexible and suitable 

to any construction and infrastructure

Compare a point cloud with your BIM model,

It can be generated with any device

Cross-cutting communication easy to access

Monitoring your infrastructures in a digital world

The use of reality capture and BIM techniques enables a new dimension of technical control of your infrastructures.

Use a drone to capture the reality of the pillars of your bridge or an Ipad Pro for the internal structure of that train station.

An accurate and automated report of construction quality and deviations.

Verify the construction quality of your project very quickly. We can identify geometry deviations effortlessly in foundations, structure,s and enclosures

A fully detailed report available in the cloud as a pdf will allow you to take solutions on site. You will reduce your waste and promote more sustainable construction.

iPad en visor 3d de plataforma digital c2b con desviación en elementos de obra civil sobre BIM y nube de puntos