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C2B Platform

The inspection of your construction site in just 3 click

Ready to make decisions

Ready to make decisions


Get a cloud of points with the reality of your construction site. Choose any option for it


New inspection: Upload the BIM model (IFC file) and the point cloud of the area you want to compare


Mission Accomplished!
Your results are ready in a 3D viewer and as a pdf. Share with your team instantly

Your quality control in simple steps.

The C2B SaaS platform keeps you on track! We automate your inspections and quallity control duties to be effective and focus on decisions that matters.


The geometric quality of your construction site (structures and facilities) assured by a patented process.


From 1cm, we detect and report automatically any deviation between the point cloud and the BIM model

Computador con plataforma web y zoom de desviación en escalera en edificación sobre BIM y nube de puntos

All your information at a single point

The Machine learning algorithm processes the point density of both models until it is able to assure the accuracy to identify deviations element by element.

The data detected about progress control and deviations generates reliable results. Get access through our 3D viewer.

No strings attached

Use the hardware or device that better suits your project to get a point cloud: Camera, Lidar Camera, or Laser Scanner.

You can be assured of reliable and accurate results, no matter which reality capture technique you use. It is part of our magic.

iPad rodeado de varios dispositivos de reality capture

4 Points that make a difference

Our technology is based on Machine learning algorithms. In this manner, we assured you that control meets the level of accuracy and reliability that makes us unique. Get four control points on the 3D model and say goodbye to inaccuracy by GPS.

Identify the control points in the BIM model, upload the two files to the platform and launch a new inspection.

2 files are the key for work with the C2B platform

Our patented technology aligns and overlays correctly both models until we can assure the quality and accuracy of your results.


Carga de archivos y modelo 3d de la realidad
Comparación automatica con reporte de desviaciones

Make decisions & solve problems instantly

Your results are available in the 3D viewer and downloadable in pdf. Analyze, make decisions and share information in just 1 click

Let's work in your construction together

Decide in which project you want to apply Checktobuild’s technology, schedule a meeting and we will walk you through creating your first smart inspection.